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Get the best rank on Google this 2022!

But let's get real!

Maybe you ventured into the online world for your business but are not getting enough clients and traffic..

Or you know social media, but when it comes to website and protecting your brand's search result on Google, you are not sure of what things to consider..

You want your brand to be searchable and seen on Google to attract a 24/7 pipeline of clients but have no knowledge of how to do so!
As business owners, we understand. Having a website that ranked organically on the first page of Google is a LIFE SAVER especially during economically challenging times like 2020. In addition with that, Covid in 2020 has cause a lot of business to suffer and even shut down.

We want to help and we want your businesses to be SAFE throughout different economic times, even during downturn. Because we know that you can come out of challenging times GROWING STRONGER than before!


The SEO Playbook

Get our powerful eBook that contains the 8 steps for your brand to rank 1000+ keywords on Google in 2022.
We all know that Google is the number 1 place where businesses or websites are getting noticed in the online world but do you know how you can rank on Google to be found by your target clients?

How 2022 Google SEO Playbook can help you.

Our previous source to get customers or clients was like everybody - through exhibitions / offline promotions that cost us a lot more of $$$$$ to get each lead compared to online promotion.

Then within online promotion, you also have the choice between Google Ads or social media Ads like Facebook/ IG Ads versus Google Organic Search Results or SEO. We all realize that getting leads online is much more effective after Covid which is the main reason online promotion is much better at the present!

But we all know that not everyone has the ability to pay for Ads continuously just to be seen on the 1st page of Google search results...

It cost a lot of money, time and resources whether we like it or not. SEO is more effective and to be precise it is not advertising, it is your organic asset, you are investing to build your Brand to be noticed from quality search and not paying for an expense like Ads.

(also 70% of potential customers now click on Organic Search Results compared to Ads!)

So, through our Google SEO playbook, you will not only discover the 8 pillars how you can rank on Google but you will also have access to valuable resources that will step up your next level game plan of your business. Meaning how to start leveraging Artificial Intelligence AI to rank over 1000+ keywords on Google while your competitors are still aiming for 30 keywords! 

More Simplified and Easy to understand Playbook, specifically made for Business Owners

This 2022 playbook is written for business owners like us, we make sure it is clear and simple, not filled with technical jargons. Inside the playbook, you’ll learn not only the 8 steps on how to rank on the 1st page of Google but you’ll also learn..
 ➤ On page 1, the importance of making sure your business appears on Google Search results for attracting a new pipeline of clients

 ➤ On page 4, our story, what we went through to know what we know now, helping business owners like you

 ➤ On page 5, what are the one mistake to avoid, to ensure your images are proper, that Google can read them besides human eye

 ➤ On page 6, what common mistakes to avoid about blogs or articles to get ranked

 ➤ On page 8, how to increase one matrix that Google tracks that can lead you to more potential customers

 ➤ On page 10, why stock photos can hurt your business, how to use them if you have to

 ➤ On page 12, several ways to show Google you are the authority in your niche

 ➤ On page 14, how to up level the game of volume of keywords! Rank effectively on Google

 ➤ On page 16, what mistakes to avoid that affect your potential of getting seen

 ➤ On page 17, one thing to increase your conversion and why customers will contact you

 ➤ On page 20, discover Artificial Intelligence! Use AI for data sourcing and discover 1000+ keywords that your customers are already using to search in your industry! One of the 2022 tools you can use to achieve your goal

 ➤ On page 22, how to utilize AI SEO as a powerful asset for your website for years to come

 ➤ On page 24, the golden mix - Google Ads compare with Google SEO

 ➤ On page 25, how to utilize Google SEO to protect your brand from changes in social media policies and rising Ad cost

 ➤ On page 27, the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid for your Brand and SEO

And more inside your videos that you can access instantly now! 

Package Includes:

  • 1 Time deep dive 30 minutes zoom session for your business/consultation - Get a free audit for your website and get tips on things you can improve and start doing for your business to attract clients (value $599)
  • Access to SEO interviews with experts - Watch and learn from well-known experts in the field of the online world as they share their knowledge on improving SEO, copywriting, branding, business networks, scaling and a lot more (value $899)
  • Access to Videos about branding photography and how it affects your business - One of the important aspects to consider when running your business whether physical or online is branding. Learn how branding can either lift or drown your business and get to know on how to use it to lead to customer purchase (value $299)
  • Community of business owners/ live support that has the same goal as you - Be surrounded by people who think like you and want you to achieve success in your business. Ask questions anytime and be answered by experts. The good news is, we are also there for you! (PRICELESS)
  • And a lot more surprises...

TOTAL VALUE: $29 $1,797

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WHO we are

Award-winning Brand Marketing Team

Meet the Founders: Jason and Angie with Banking and Consulting Background. Our first venture, Jason Pang Gallery, award winning Branding, Photography Videography Co., is now a success with recognition in the Industry.

Why are we bringing this to you? Because bringing you back to 2020 where the whole world has shut down. The usual source where we used to get customers (for my Husband's business) which are the Expo and the Events are all canceled. It is at that time Jason and I decided that we would connect and do more online than offline because everybody is not going out and everybody's at home searching on the computer!
By getting our business on Page 1 of Google, that's a huge LIFESAVER for us and we start helping other businesses to do the same. Therefore, it becomes our mission now to help more business owners to get to the top of Google. So that more business will be found, more businesses thrive online and nobody needs to shut down their business - and people can get employed.

We focus on quality and results so these are what we stand for, to our clients.

Thanks to the overwhelming customer support, our Brand got the Number One "Honor of Distinction Award" voted by 100% REAL CUSTOMERS, verified by an external audit platform.

(Even wrote a book about our journey and it become bestseller on Amazon!)

Experts in Digital Marketing

Meet the Team: We have a fast-growing team to meet the growing demands in Google SEO, Branding, Website and copywriting. We don't focus on doing everything (we are not a one-stop-shop nor do we provide social media services).

Global Talent: Our copywriting and SEO team is based locally and overseas with a strong technical background of over 10 years of experience in what we do. With a close understanding of GOOGLE and how to utilize our Artificial Intelligence System, AI SEO+, to help our clients effectively and efficiently.
Mission: Our clients become booked-out providers even during pandemic. Now, it is our mission to help more business owners to get found online.
What you get on this page (including this ebook, deep dive and all the videos inside) is for business owners! So we do not use IT jargon. Any jargon or technical stuff, if you want more help, you may contact us for the Done For You service which is for mid to long term execution. However you don't need to worry about it now, as you can just start by getting the ebook and to at least kickstart your first step.

We love what we do and have a collaborating and entrepreneurial culture!

See what our Clients are saying about us

❝ If you haven't taken advantage of the free consultation along with the playbook, I suggest you grab it now! I have to say, I wished I met them sooner!

- Rocky Y., Founder at Shenzhen Commercial Service Co., Ltd.
❝ Well done! It can be tricky to simplify SEO language down and super easy to speak "shop talk" but you did a great job with the playbook making it easy to understand who knows nothing about SEO!

- Moon W., Medical Public Relations
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! They're amazing, thoughtful and they are great listener and good in what they do! Love the playbook! ❞

- Connie W., Founder of SocialClimbr, Social Summit
❝ Thank you for sharing! I actually worked in SEO before but grew to hate it and can confidently say we can be doing a better job with it currently, thanks to the help of your playbook!

- Anna W., CMO at Medical Beauty Centre
❝ Overall the entire consultation which is FREE with the playbook was literally LIFE CHANGING! Now the way that I look at my business is not about how pretty it is, but it's all about what the client would want to see making sure that their need is emphasized and the message is sent the correct way! ❞

- Kesha W., Founder and Learning Product Designer of Children School

Still have Questions? Busting SEO Myths

What other things will the playbook show me?
You will find out the 8 pillars to Google SEO+ we talk about and AI artificial intelligence technology is the last 2 pillars that are our 24/7 system to get our clients results - over 1000+ keywords monthly! While the first 6 pillars are the other important topics and what mistakes you can avoid immediately.

For example ❌ and ✔️ under each Pillar:

 ❌ Clear not to-dos for your photos on page

✔️ What to do for your photos for SEO on-page
Can I book a consultation even if I don't purchase the playbook?
Yes, you may book a FREE Discovery Call if you are not sure where to start. We also want to know how we can better help you so if you are interested to book a FREE discovery call, just click here.
What can I get from the 30 minutes deep dive consultation?
You'll get a free website audit wherein we will give tips on what are some of the pain points of your site and what can be done to fix it. You can also ask questions about your brand and our AI machine as long as time allows.
How will I increase the chance of getting client through this playbook?
The mistakes to avoid and what to do to get more clients are stated on page 17 and onwards of the playbook and just by applying what you will discover some of our clients immediately get more traffic and clients. Best way to see the results.
Do I get a promotion to the Done For You Services when I buy The SEO Playbook?
Yes, you will get the chance to enjoy big promotion if you want to advance to 1000+ or more keywords on Google without doing it your own by the Done For You monthly SEO services after purchasing the playbook. The Done For You Service start from $1K per month but you don't have to worry or decide about this now - just go ahead and grab the playbook for such a low ball celebration price, this is the best way for you to start now!

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To Rank on Google in 2022!

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  • ​Access to our Private Community of business owners who want to support you
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